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Finding joy...

My last blog post was a while ago, and little did I know at that time just how much things would change for me in the New Year. I was so inspired by Marie Kondo's Tidying Up that I applied some of the principles she discusses to every aspect of my life, especially feeling joy.
Now, 6 months later, I have a fresh start in a new place with a brand new office for writing. I'm much closer to nature and outside of the city, which was always my dream. I've found my joy and personal freedom. 
As I've been re-reading and editing King of Shadows, I realized how much we can limit ourselves. Yet, we're limitless. The book felt so disjointed in parts and incomplete, stifled almost. I'm excited to breathe new life into its pages. So I'm sitting here, reflecting about shadows, and the King of all Shadows, Alexandros. I ask myself, what would he do? Who is he? What does he want?
And more importantly, what does Salha want? Who is she? What is she doing? I wonder if she had…

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