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The Summer Rush

Hey Everyone!

So in reflecting on the past few months of chaos, I realize I've left you all out of the loop on what I've been up to. In honesty, I've really needed this time to recuperate, for myself and for my family. You all know I'll always tell you the truth! So let me fill you in...

I'm getting married in two months, yes, that soon! We've known for a while, but I haven't shouted it from the roof tops or into the blog-iverse, (I should say). Between the joy of wedding planning and some other blessings in disguise, I've taken this summer to focus on family and being thankful. Every now and then I acknowledge that I need time to reflect and revitalize myself and so I grant myself the time to do so. It doesn't mean I'll be gone forever, just that I have to process before coming back to my love of writing. I'll never give up on writing!

The great thing is that afterwards, things are always back on track for me creative-wise. The writer's…

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