Cover Reveal!

It's finally the day! The day I get to share with you all my new cover for Pearl of The Depths.

It's official! I'm announcing that this will be the final young adult book in The Mercrutian Chronicles. I know some of you are crying inside, or so I've been told, but Anya's story will come to an end.  As close to an end as I can create. ;) Time will tell if I revisit her in later years when she's far older and hopefully wiser.

I must thank the amazing Jessica Allain for creating this beautiful cover for me. Her talents astonish me! They are truly such beautiful creations.

The mood of the cover matches the book perfectly, and I can't wait for the official launch. I'm still writing away, but things have been progressing quite nicely, and I'm proud to say my word count is up!

I'll probably in writing hermit-mode over the next few weeks, but feel free to prod me out of it with questions or book comments.

I'm also planning to work on some videos with writing tips and book trailers for my YouTube Channel. It's been sitting there for a while with no creative spark and a friend of mine inspired me to take the leap and offer some content.

My writing Webinar is also wrapping up this week, so I'll have some inspiration on what the first few videos will include. In the meantime: Happy Reading and Happy Writing! <3

Until next time!




  1. Gorgeous cover! So hauntingly brilliant! Can't wait to read the book!

    And congrats on your new website look as well as decision to upload videos! Lots of success is coming your way,

    Sarah Butland


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