Zara Steen has a penchant for writing multicultural Paranormal and Fantasy Romance. She lives in Atlantic Canada, with her partner, where her adventurous spirit allows her to roam for inspiration. 

Working on several different book series, her aim is to create meaningful stories with captivating characters in magical places. She hopes to inspire readers with a sense of joy, excitement, love, and wonder.


 The Blue

Q: What inspires you to write?

Z: There are a lot of things that I find inspirational. Walks in nature can be especially helpful to create a sense of calmness and serenity that helps me with finding the right tone and voice. Generally with my ideas though they are eureka moments. An idea kind of pops into my mind and takes over. Suddenly I'm swept up into a scenario outside of myself and my curious nature wants to know more. So I ask myself questions and delve further into the tale. Characters will introduce themselves to me too, which sounds funny but is the easiest way to explain how it happens. I'll be daydreaming and they just pop into my head and say “Hello” because they have a story they want to be told.

Q: Why do you write what you do?

Z: I chose Romance, because I've always felt drawn to the relationships between characters. I want to support interesting and healthy relationships between women and men by exploring their thoughts and feelings about love. I also want to offer strong female characters with a different perspective than traditional archetypes. It's important to me that my characters are relate-able and that they are aware of themselves. I think for similar reasons I also love stories with magical elements. It's often when you experience something that brings out joy and wonder in your life that you take the time to reflect and know more about yourself. The wonder and magic explains why I feel so drawn to genres like the Paranormal, Fantasy, and Science Fiction.

Q: What do you think about fans?

Z: I feel blessed to have people that support my writing and my work. To have someone say to me "I like your writing..." or "I want to read more..." is an honor. My goal is to create meaningful books so to have anyone recognize that makes me feel amazing and I'm incredibly grateful.

Q: What are you working on right now?

Z: Right now I am working Pearl of the Depths, the final books in The Mercrutian Chronicles. I think readers will be surprised by what awaits Anya in this last book of the series.

After that I plan to work on Marked by Magic, a Shifter Romance Novel and I have some other fantasy and paranormal romance plans. I'd love to hear from fans, which book they're interested in next.  

Email me with your book questions, anytime. Drop me a line anytime at zara (at) zarasteen (dot) com.

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