The Fallen

Meet the cursed where they play
altered souls, some taken away. 

The Four of Fallon

Dexter Miller's time is running out, but he's been lazy about saving himself. He knows warlocks can be very solitary creatures and magic is such a bewitching craft. He's used to spending his time in practical ways and old habits die hard, but then he bumps into Ria Hussain and everything starts to change.


Marcos waited for this moment for years. That blaze of fire in his chest, the collapsing to the ground in agony, the yearning for a woman to save him. All that ended when he fell before her, Sarah. Yet she's the kind of woman who lives her life by fire, full of energy and zest there's no stopping her.  She's not the type of woman you win easily. Will he find a way to enchant her?


Shifters and Way Reader's

Coming Soon!
Taye had a mate and a good life with the clan, but he thought he wasn’t meant to ever be happy. That was part of the Yukon curse, something always had to give. Of all the things that could happen, he never expected to lose his mate. Now the territory feud with the bloodsuckers isn’t getting any better and on top of that the clan needs a leader. He’d never admit it, but he’s falling apart. So when Stella walks in with her quirky charms, he looks the other way. He doesn’t need anymore trouble with women!

Steampunk Westerns

Coming Soon!
Wasteland Wysteria - Book #1 
Jade Mountain - Book #2 

Kerrigan wanted revenge and thought nothing would get in his way. All he needed was a good crew, a fire, and a few rations. Sweetpea knows better, though, and when she gets mixed up with him on the Wysteria Plain, there's no going back. Something about her just makes his insides hurt...


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